TXG SUPIMA® Cotton Men's Long Socks Gentleman Socks / Compression Stockings 15-20mmHg 2 Pairs

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  • Size:L, M, S, XL
  • Color:Black, Grey
  • Gender :Unisex
  • Product Type:Socks
  • Material:Cotton, Nylon, Other
  • Size type:Regular
  • Length:Knee
  • Color:Black, Grey

Key Features

Manufacturers ofcompression stockings with gradient compression to increase circulation.
★Top-of-the-line SupimaR fabric helps perspiration and moisture absorption to provide the extra comfort.
★Designed for gradual compression to promote blood circulation.
★Specially-designed top band gives your skin the extra comfort.
★Patented toe cage alignment line keeps the socks in position on your feet while maintaining the gradual compression.
★Toe tip with hand linking provides supreme seamless comfort.
★Unique 3-D toe tip design keeps your toes from rubbing and causing blisters.

The Gentlemen series are designed for those who tend to be standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time from their daily lives.  Relieving the tension accumulated on feet, it reduces the aching, swollen, numbness, also helps to promote blood circulation, restore and enhance bodily function.

The first-of-its-kind compression socks designed exclusively for men.
Using Supima, the softest cotton money can buy, the Gentlemen series is crafted to ease your feet into the deepest level of relaxation.

15-20mmHg Medium-pressure function decompression socks.
This pressure is the most comfortable pressure, and the most effective.
Suitable For:
.Takes a long time to maintain the same posture
.heavy laborers
.Mild varicose veins
.To relieve Tuisuan, swollen, bulging.

.Promoting blood circulation:Faster warm up and oxygen circulation.
.Reduced fatigue:Rapid flushing of blood lactates.
.Stroll in a relaxed manner:Supporting leg muscle and strengthening foot agility.
.Muscle protection:Muscle wrapped within for reduced tissue damage.
.Varicose prevention:Effective prevention of vascular related problems from occurring.
.Prompt recovery period:Relieve swollen pain from leg muscles after long strolls.

Black, Dark grey

【Main Materials】
.47.9% Cotton (SupimaR)
.40.5% Nylon
.11.6% Spandex (LycraR)

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