TXG COOLMAX® Compression Stockings Sports Socks 15-20mmHg

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  • Size:L, M, S, XL, XS
  • Color:Black, White
  • Product Type:Socks
  • Size type:Regular
  • Color:Black, White
  • Material:Cotton, Nylon, Other
  • Length:Knee
  • Gender :Unisex

Key Features

Manufacturers of UV-resistant compression stockings that is ideal for athletic use.

★Unique twill design maintains consistent compression and facilitates better ventilation on your lower leg.
★Patented and first-of-its-kind X pattern design that offers comprehensive ankle protection.
★Extra padded shock absorber designed to ease discomfort on your sole.
★Jacquard logo on top band to prevent compromised gradual compression.
★Patented toe cage alignment line keeps socks in position on your feet while maintaining gradual compression.
★Unique 3-D toe tip design that gives your toes freedom without restraint.

The Sports series are designed based on the art and science of sports medicine for various activities, especially those of which require extensive ankle joints movement.  Our mission is clear and concise: to protect the safety of lower limbs, especially for athletes and sports enthusiasts, and their leg muscle groups as well as ankle joints.

The first of its kind in offering COOLMAXR fabrics, our Sports series is created with athletes and sports enthusiasts in mind.  Our unique X-pattern design offers a strong ankle protection and heel area.

15-20mmHg Medium-pressure function decompression socks.
This pressure is the most comfortable pressure, and the most effective.
Suitable For:
.Takes a long time to maintain the same posture
.heavy laborers
.Mild varicose veins
.To relieve Tuisuan, swollen, bulging.

.Enhanced Performance:Reduced muscle vibration ensuring endurance.
.Protecting Muscle:Muscle wrapping for reduced tissue damage.
.Heightened Agility:Supporting leg muscle and strengthening foot agility.
.Reduced Fatigue:Rapid flushing of blood lactates.
.Promoting blood Circulation:Faster warm up and oxygen circulation.
.Prompt recovery period:Relieve swollen pain from leg muscles after long stroll.

Black or White

.XS, S, M, L, XL
.Size Chart please see the attachment

【Main Materials】
.43.5% Polyester
.42.0% Nylon
.14.5% Spandex (LycraR)

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